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Heads Up! The State of Illinois recently upgraded our system to improve the hiring process. As we work through this transition, there will be a smaller number of job postings listed. However, we still have fantastic career opportunities at the State. Please continue to check our system, or setup a job alert for those positions that best meet your career goals, to learn about any current opportunities. Click here for more information.

Application Website

The State of Illinois eRecruiting website offers many features to assist individuals:

  • Who are interested in knowing what vacancies are currently open within agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor;
  • Who may want to use the system to identify titles/positions that match their interests and/or qualifications should vacancies in those titles exist or occur in the future.

Click the video below for application tips

Application Procedures

All applications for agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor are posted online at Work.Illinois.Gov.  The first step in applying for any position is to create an account and complete a profile. The first time you visit the site, click on "View Profile" and then "Create and Account."  

Click here for more assistance in completing your profile.

Apply for a Job Posting

Once  a candidate locates a posted position for which they would like to apply, select the "Apply" button on the posting. For each position posted, there will be a section entired "Job Specific Questions." 

The application questions are a required part the of the application and are specific to the position.  The application questions are designed to help CMS and the Hiring Agency evaluate all candidates.  Ensure that you answer all of the questions, even if the information is already provided in your resume and/or Candidate Profile.

Applicants should answer all questions on the application.  Application questions are designed to both assess whether applicants meet the minimum qualifications of the position and whether and to what degree applicants meet any preferred qualifications.

For most application questions, the application question includes both a yes/no response and an accompanying text box in which the applicant provides additional information supporting the yes/no response.  For example:

Help us help you in assessing your application by providing both where and when you received the applicable experience.  This will make it easier for those assessing your qualifications to validate your experience to include you in the interview pool.

Applicants should save their application as questions are completed, to ensure responses are not lost.  Then, fully review your Candidate Profile, if you have not already, and responses to application questions to ensure that everything is complete.  The application also allows you to upload relevant documents.  Consider uploading copies of education materials/transcripts, licenses, certifications, training materials, previously issued grade for the classification to which you are applying, and anything else you would like considered as part of the application assessment process.  Note: these items can also be uploaded to your Candidate Profile, so you do not have to upload each time you apply.  Finally, click the “Apply” button on the bottom right. 

Once your application is successfully submitted, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the application.

If, after submitting an application, you discover you need to update your application (for example to add relevant materials), please follow the instructions below

Step 1: Login to and click on options.  Navigate to the “My Profile” tab

Step 2: Scroll down to the “Jobs Applied” tab and select the position which you hope to update application submission/materials

Step 3: Click on “My Documents” tab and upload the documents in the relevant section (Resume, Cover Letter, or Additional Documents.

Uploaded resume, cover letter and Additional Documents would look like this:

Step 4: After uploaded the documents click on “Update” button below.

Step 5: Once updated you will receive an email confirming that your application was updated successfully.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team.