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Class Search

The Alphabetic Index/Class Specification search utility below is updated to the FY2024 August 25, 2023 Edition.

The class specification identifies duties and levels of responsibilities that are generally associated with positions allocated to the classification. The search results do not contain information regarding specific options that may exist for a classification or specific duties of a particular position vacancy. A position description provides more precise details on the duties of a vacant position. A vacancy's position description may be obtained from the agency where the vacancy exists. See Current Job Postings/Open Vacancies.

Search Tips: Using partial words for searching will return more results than using the entire word. For example, searching for correction will display titles or specifications including the words Corrections, Correctional, etc. Searching for corrections will not display titles or specifications that have Correctional in them.

The use of wildcards like * and + in searches are not allowed. Multiple word searches are allowed, but it only returns exact matches of what is entered. For example, searching for Revenue Auditors will only display titles or specifications including those two exact words, in that order, immediately next to one another.


The Appendix for the Alphabetic Index includes information on the EEOC Codes, Abbreviations, and Bargaining Units.